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*Disclaimer: Our CHAMPPS youth camp is only available when funding is applicable. For more information about CHAMPPS, please contact us (216) 229-8600.

What is CHAMPPS?

Choosing Health, Awareness, Mobility, Personal Power and Success, (CHAMPPS) is a youth program designed for children ages 10 to 17 with sickle cell disease. The mission is to maximize the adolescent and teenager’s personal development and help with a successful transition from childhood into adulthood. The participants must live in ASCAA catchments area. CHAMPPS also promotes enhanced personal care and decision-making skills, and provides a network of peer-to-peer support among a group that is socially isolated and encumbered by a chronic illness.

Adolescence is a particularly challenging time for all youth and exceedingly more difficult for the young person with sickle cell. ASCAA’s CHAMPPS program is dedicated to assisting sickle cell disease-affected youth in cultivating a wellness mentality, and developmentally appropriate skills for relating, decision making, healthy life choice, self-sufficiency, and work and life skills planning. While there still remains no cure for sickle cell disease, today the life expectancy in some sickle cell-affected individuals has increased from late adolescence to that of middle adulthood. We can credit this increase in longevity to significant medical and pharmaceutical management of treatment advancements.

The CHAMPPS program uses a combination of psycho-educational, experiential learning and lecture methodologies. Overall, the value of this sort of peer-to-peer programming for young people with sickle cell disease is enormous. As a group these young patients have experienced the debilitating effects of sickle cell anemia and other disease variants. In growing up with the disease, they have lived with both extreme limits in their allowable levels of physical exertion and have also had other consequences with little access to sustained peer and social encounters. ASCAA’s CHAMPPS’ program has assisted sickle cell youth with a support system through their transitioning into adulthood.

For more information about CHAMPPS, please contact us (216) 229-8600.